It’s the failed experiment in social software that’s been disgracing the Internet since sometime in or around 2000. At various times posing as a technology, design and social commentary blog, it also attempted to be the news hub and record of the onetime burgeoning arts community in Chicago’s now moribund and gentrified Pilsen neighborhood. That’s leaving out it’s forays into ubiquitous computing. It has suffered from poor grammar, erratic writing and chronic depression for most of it’s life and spent part of 2005 and most of 2006 sulking.  It likes coffee, chocolate, green tea, gadgets, computers, open source, tools, music you hate, science fiction, anime, pulp fiction (the genre, not the movie), photography, history and it’s favorite color is orange (but you shouldn’t read anything into that). It also thinks it’s finally sworn off cola beverages for good. But then it’s been wrong before.

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An imaginary place in a reactionary time