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Snow Daze

Dawn’s most recent post on Snow Days reminded me of the legendary First ever Snow Day I experianced. Both Dawn and I come from the same state, but she grew up in one of the  Prarie Academic Companion pockets of our fair state, whereas I grew up in the Two Flat Jungle, just between the Bungalow Belt and the Heat Sinking lake, which predicates some and moderates much. So while we got Weather, our tornadoes hop over the city proper and become awesome far off shore water spouts and unexpected dumpage is a true rarity. So i grew up walking uphill to school boths ways through snow, sleet, sluch, rain, freezing rain and faculty meetings. The Blizzard of 67 was the only exception.

Until we moved to New York. New York, where Pretension is king, Condescension is it’s lover and they fart out an all pervading Smugness that somehow nurtures and controls their populace. NY, where they’ve seen it all and done everything, twice. Where their rock poet laureate was singing about transvestite hookers and the our chicago bang Chicago was singing about being in a park on the 4th of July. Which I don’t care what you heard, bloody well is New England. Wind howling off the Sound, wind whipping down the Hudson. but also New York, where the Atlantic is a bigger heat sink then even our Great Lake, and where back then before global climate change, the winters were mild (rainy) and predictable (boring).

New York which ground to a halt after a 1/2 inch of unpredicted snow over night.

One Half Inch Of Snow. And a Snow Day was called.

Our mother didn’t believe it. She sent us to school anyway. School was locked up, we came home, she went ballistic. She called the school, the other parents and complained. We called all our friends, they were staying inside. Idiots! It was a Snow Day! So my brother and I went out to play. In 1/2 inch of snow. It was such a let down. It was also the only Snow Day we had living in NY. Until the Great Ice Storm, but that’s another story…

RIP Fred Pohl

NOTE: this post was lost due to operator error. I saved it as a draft, instead of a post. I’ve stared at it all morning and it still sucks, but I have to post it.

Fred Pohl was more then just a a Palatine, IL resident, a former agent, former editor, a SF author and a WWII veteran. Fred was more then just a Nebula and Hugo award winning Science Fiction writer whose work spanned the Golden Age to the present day. He created the first SF anthology series, Star Science Fictionand he ghost edited Heinlein’s anthology . And he was more then just the guy who introduced sidebars into novels in his award winning Gateway. He was a brilliant autobiographer (The Way The Future Was). He was an amazing blogger (The Way The Future Blogs). And he was the last living Grandmaster of SF. More importantly, Fred Pohl was one of the co-founders of SF fandom, from it’s beginnings as a support for Hugo Gernsback’s Amazing magazine, to co-founding the legendary Futurians.
He was there for the first great fanboy fight.

In all his many guises he dragged SF kicking and screaming away from Space Opera, championing stories based around sociology and psychology as both editor and writer. Fred was including economics and finance into his pulp stories long before the libertarians got hold of SF, and I’m amazed at how prescient he was, and how wrong I was in poo-pooing them as a teen.

I’ve said it before, a lot of what i know was learned from or because of SF. And a lot of that was learned from Fred Pohl.

Goodbye Fred.