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The best Firebowls in America

This is a shameless plug for a friend. John “Blood” Unger makes the best damn firebowls in America, possibly the world. He makes them by hand, from recycled materials, in a small town in northern MIchigan. And you can now get them from the FFEJWORLD Amazon store. Prices start at $99 bucks (without shipping). Please help John put catfood on the table, he and Mojo will thank you.

The Pot-de-Feu grill Firebowlcooking 21-32-04b.JPG

For those of you with political aversion to Amazon, we’re providing a link to John’s lovely and inexpensive Pot-de-Feu grill at E-junkie it’s $129 (shipping included to the lower 48!): Click here to view more details

Will Elder has died

Will Elder passed away late last week, Born Wolf Eisenberg, he both had a unique personal style and the gift of perfect mimicry of other artists. His mimicry of advertising art was indistinguishable form the real thing, until you found the gotcha. I’ve heard it argued that he actually had multiple personal styles, his painted work considered from his line work. He was the origin of Mad’s gag art in the margin, although in his case it was additional gags he wrote and blended perfectly with the art for the (usually Kurtzman written) piece he was illustrating. This became known as Chicken Fat or Chotchkies. Along with Harvey Kurtzman and Wally Wood he was the backbone of the original Mad Magazine. For those of you that don’t know, Mad was the only EC comic book to survive the great Comic purge of the early 50’s, in which various clergy and a certain psychologist claimed that comic books were perverting the youth of Amerika. Elder was unique in his mastery of parody and satire, his become famous not for his pioneering work at Mad, but for Little Annie Fanny, and adult strip he and Kurtzman did for Playboy.

I grew up reading the old copies of Mad that littered the barbershop we frequented, and coveted the bound in copies that Mad put in their Specials in the early 70s, I bought all the mad paperbacks to get all the old work. Will Elder was one of the reasons I’ve used some variation of the ords parody and satire as my online nicknames for close to 30 years.

Wikipedia bio, and eulogy frfom his son in law.

John Gibbons has died.

John doing what John did best

(Photo by PromoChick)

Lamprey stalwart John Gibbons died early yesterday morning of pneumonia, a complication resulting from his stroke some months back. John’s Laprey membership was unique: he never did a piece. Instead he always did the same performance: he cleaned up after us.

The powers that be are working out a memorial service, which will probably involve cleaning up our own mess. I’ll let you know when I know anything.