Iphone cases

I thought I’d jump on the hype train for friday’s iPhone 3G release with a post about some good cases that will work for said phone. It’s also a ramp up for my birthday wishlist, since I can find uses for these even though I don’t have an iPhone. Big duh, they’ll also work for your iPod Touch. All these cases will fit on your belt, and should work on a handbag strap or backpack strap as well.

TAD Gear has 2 cases, the vertical carry ICOMM ($16.95) and the horizontal carry BC8, ($13.95) which is also designed to carry 8 AA batteries in a holder. The ICOMM has more padding, and extra velcro straps for more carrying and attaching options. Both comes in a variety of earth tones and black, the coyote colored BC8 is on sale ($7.67). They’ll work with all MOLLE/PALS gear too. $6.50 s/h.

CountyComm has the vertical iPhone Carry Case ($10) and the horizontal PCC, ($7) which resembles the BC8 above (get the large). Any color you want so long as it’s black. $8 s/h.

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