Wishlist: Unlocked developers G1 from Google

Techcrunch is reporting that Google is selling unlocked G1 phones to developers. Unlocked SIMs and firmware, no need for a T-Mobile activation. The cost is $25 to register as an android developer and $399 for the phone. Comes with a different battery cover. This isn’t meant for users, since you can easily brick the phone since it’ll load unsigned firmware. But for the nerds like me, especially ones who really only want a smarter phone and wi-fi equipped PDA rather then a 2G/3G equipped browser, this is the straw that breaks Nokia’s back. The new Nokia n97 hit the streets this week, and it’s going for about $700 unlocked-plus it’s 3G won’t work in North America.

Remind me to do a post on the history of the smartphone and ubiquitous computing…

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