The Holiday wish list

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Want to support this site by laying gifts on it’s writer? Want to know what to get the geek in your life? Late as always, we present the FFEJWORLD holiday wish list.

In a break from our usual more practical bent we present actual gifty typ items. Buckaroo Banzai memorabilia. The Guardian call it one of the 1000 most important movies of all time. I call it one of the best things that happened in 1984. Just Don’t Call It A Cult Film, damnit. Used copies of the tie in paperback still go for big bucks, I wish I still had mine. Yes, I had several of the much coveted original run shirts and patches, which took me years to hunt down. The Team Banzai and Banzai Institute shirts, pins and patches are my favorites, followed by the Yoyodyne ones. prices 8-20 bucks, contact me for sizes. More BB info here.

Next up The Bianchi/Gregory UM22r backpack. Scroll down the page past the 2 small packs till you get to the UM22r. Possibly the best large backpack ever made in America. By all the tests I’ve read it was the most ergonomic and best balancing of the COTS (consumer off the shelf) packs that were tested for the Marines ILBE (improved load bearing equipment). It seemed it flunked the trials because of it’s inability to easily carry a mortar tube or round. Which wouldn’t effect my usage, it’s almost perfect (I really prefer a panel loading Kifaru Navigator, but who has that kind of money?). And you know how nerds like the underdog. What does all that mean? It’s unbelievably adjustable to your form, rock solid, slightly heavy, hyper comfortable really large capacity backpack, the perfect replacement for my lashed up MOLLEII rig. It rocks, It’s made in America, it’s sturdier then you are, and at $119 it’s a bloody steal. On closeout, these are the last of them, I’ll gladly take any color they have left. Gregory charges 3-6 times this amount for it’s less sturdy current models…

2.5″ laptop hard drives. Every geek I know needs these, I need a few ;-) Newegg has this 160 gig Hitachi, this Western Digital 120 gig or this Seagate 120 gig for $60 each.

PowerBook RAM, Crucial PC2700 SODIMMs, 26 bucks from Newegg, free shipping! Or $13 from Amazon. These are getting harder to find, since the machines that need them are pushing 6-8 years. I need 2…

5.11 Clothing. Nerds need pockets. Nerds sweat. Nerds have no fashion sense, or ia seriously warped one. All of which is why I love their Neru collared hidden placket H.R.T. shirt in black for $20. Or their Tactical Rain Pants. But as twisted as my fashion sense is, I love their loose crew in green or woodland for practical reasons-this is an insanely good deal in technical wicking clothing. The pattern, the way the shoulders and sleeves are joined, the flat seams, it’s just a brilliant design. All closeouts…

STABILicers Ice Cleats. Cheaper then crampons (a lot cheaper, look at these discount prices). Keeps you from falling on icy sidewalks with a 55 lb. pack on your back.

Power. What nerd doesn’t secretly desire it? What nerd isn’t desperate for it. What nerd isn’t always forgetting to charge his cellphone when he does find enough outlets? Ahem, I know one. I depend too heavily on my iGo AA battery powered emergency charger these days, since I tend to lose or destroy the wall wart charger for the phone. The iGo won’t take rechargeable batteries, which is hard on my wallet and the environment. This Iogear battery charger is only $10, charges a variety of phones and USB mini devices as well, and is it self rechargeable. This MacAlly charger is more robust, better rated, stores more power for those late nights at the bus stop but costs 20 clams more. It needs external cables or adapters to connect to your phone, the Iogear comes with a set. Like this Zip-Linq adapter kit. Those will also work off my laptop, so I might not need the battery pack ;-)

With great power comes great responsibility. Like keeping the rechargeable batteries that litter your pack together so they actually get used (you don’t want to know how many times I’ve only been able to find part of a rechargeable set for the camera). This is where battery cases or holders come in. They keep it together so you can actually use your great power and at $1 or $2 or they’re dirt cheap. And alway get them in pairs, so you can keep your dead ones separate from your charged ones.

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