Oh well

I’m continuously looking for a easier to use replacement for the 55 pound backpack. It’s major problems are short straps, a broken frame, and it’s being a partial clamshell opener (partial clamshells mix the worst features of top openers and clamshells, plus putting things in it or taking them out snag on the zippers). Now ideally I would get a Kifaru Navigator, the king of the panel loaders. No way i could afford one. Finally I found something I could possibly afford, a compromise. A top loader with a separate sleeping bag compartment and tons of PALS webbing to aid in organization. It’s on closeout, the site I found bought up the manufacturers remaining stock. That’s always a risk. You never know when the stock will dry up Last night i went to check the web page and discovered it was password protected. This doesn’t bode well for me or the company selling the pack. oh well…

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