wishlist 2009

UPDATE: will be updated later tonight as well…

The holiday guide for gifting your more problematic friends, or what to get the nerd who has nothing…

Long Underwear. Cabelas has a sale on Polartec wicking baselayer bottoms for $9.99 2x black. These are super thin, keep you from overheating when you move indoors and increase the efficiency of another pair of long underwear. I have pair from last year, paid 20 bucks at that time (regularly 30), and they kept me alive last week when it drop to 4° fahrenheit. Also on sale are the X-Tek tops, 2x, black $9.99 or the Polartec product (same size/color) for $19.99. For midweight bottoms go with the X-Tek 2x black, $9.99-they’re much better then the shredded cotton bottoms i wore over my polartec last week :-) Or if you feel like splurging, the Cabela’s Thermastat Medium Weight 2x in charcoal is on sale for $13.99 For socks, go with surplus USOA antimicrobial, large, black 3 pair for $9.99, from Chicago’s own Lincoln ave. Army Navy. And for boxers get their army surplus, black, 2x, 3 pair for $13.

iPhone Solutions. Amazon has this silicon iPhone case for One Cent, and this 2 pack of conductive styli (you need them to answer the phone with gloves on) for 19 Cents. No typos three bucks shipping each. For idiots like me with defective power blocks they have the actual Apple charger for $10, 20 bucks off. Tadgear still makes the best iPhone belt case, the iComm but the price has went up to $17.79. County Comm’s PCC case, large, black, coms in a second, hey get a few-they’re great for toting the rechargable batteries that your nerd uses in his flashlight…

Synth Parts. If your nerd is like me, he’s probably desperately short of parts for the analog synth he’s building. Relax, we’ve done the work for you, finding the cheapest parts online. Like 40 submini SPDT toggle switches for $19.60. How about 100 banana jacks for the ridiculous price of $9.87 from legendary electronics guru Don Lancaster? Large perf boards for $1.65, or 20 LM324 opamps for $4. And don’t forget the desperately needed +/- 15 volt linear power supply, $14.99, that’s impossible to find cheaper (usually 75 bucks!).

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